top 10 activities for my funner summer


This handy guide spread via the Pinterest circuit a couple years ago. I refer to it often for inspiration and in hopes I don’t lose track of the magic of childhood. We’re on day 2 of summer holidays and I’m on a mission to fill it with as much adventure and activity that my kids will be begging me for a break. Haha – just joking. Their curiosities and need to always “do something” is insatiable – but I’m aiming for at least one fun new activity a week. Hence this post: I’ve gathered 10 pins I’ve been saving in my ‘kidcraft’ Pinterest board that we’ll be taking on this summer.


afam fizzybags

Explode sandwich bags with the mighty force of vinegar and baking soda!  This is just the kind of thing my two boys are into (frankly anyone would get a kick out of this, I’d say). This will keep them occupied for hopefully at least a couple of hours, and learning why this reaction occurs is an added bonus.

Source: All Things Beautiful


afam stilts

This is the sort of thing I would have totally dug as a kid, and I know it might be a recipe for disaster, but I think my 6-year-od is ready to take this on. I’M ready to take this on! Probably a good activity during the 2-year-old’s naptime.

Source: Spoonful



OK, how cool is this?! Who doesn’t want to do this now!? The best part: materials can be found in a grocery or natural food store. Simple Simon. Making my shopping list now.

Source: Chemistry



I had to throw this in for my younger son – I know my oldest will love it as well. Completely cute! Note to self: invest in the good Ziplocs or this will turn ugly fast.

Source: Teach Preschool



Judging by the amount of repins I’ve gotten from this, this should be a pretty popular activity amongst my brood. Squishing mini marshmallows to remove the air – and hence the sinking – is just way too cool an activity to pass up. Also pretty cool: drop M&Ms into water, watch the colour fade away and the letters magically float (they’re printed with edible ink that doesn’t dissolve).

Source: Chemistry


afamplaydo fossils

My kids love to go on nature walks and collect just about everything on God’s green acre. We have jars filled with pinecone collections, rock collections, seashell collections, pine needle collections from our long-ago-defunct Christmas tree, sand collections, and more. I think they’d get a kick out of fossilizing some of their precious materials into their much-loved playdough collection.

Source: Soaring Through Second



This little project has been on my must-do list for the last two years. This is the summer I enlist the help of my husband and we just get it done! It’s wondrous and awe-inducing and the kids would literally poop their pants in excitement if they saw this in their yard (in a good way). Loews has some amazing ideas on their website about how to transform a part of your backyard into a truly magical place for kids. Tons of useful tips and ideas too – I hope to incorporate most of them.

Source: Loews



Every kid need their own place to hang out and dream in. The hardest part is narrowing down which tent/teepee/fort/hideaway to create as there are a ton making their way round the internets. They can be as elaborate or as simple as you can think of. My kids are mostly happy with a new cardboard box but would be thrilled with something of this magnitude that mom and dad engineer into something a bit more solid (personally very tired of hearing ‘can you help me?’ The cushions won’t stay up’).

Source: Babble



Terrariums are perfect for kids on many levels. They get to pick cutesy lil plants and toys and squish it into an equally cute little glass dome. Working with teensy, tiny, little things lead to patience and concentration, right? They can tend for it quite easily (a few spritzes here and there, something they love to do), and with any luck, it will thrive and bring lots of enjoyment.

Source: National Geographic Kids



How fun would it be to gather the neighbourhood kids together for a backyard drive-in theatre! This is definitely on my must-do list this summer. I’ve seen posts where people set up boxes and kids get to decorate their “cars” before the show starts. Pretty stinking cute but it would be equally cool watching from our DIY teepee. ;)

Source: Bunch Family

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