pasta with sausage & broccolini

This recipe’s a great way to sneak in some green powerhouses in the form of broccolini (rapini) and spinach. My kids are ok with spinach and broccoli. Surprisingly even the roasted red peppers only occasionally get picked out. Must be the chunks of sausage that keeps them going. It’s so tasty that you don’t need to add any other spices or sauces to the pasta.



1 box/bag rotini pasta (traps all the green goodness in)
5-6 fresh mild Italian sausages (squeezed out of casings)
1 head broccolini/rapini
Small bunch baby spinach
1 jar roasted red peppers, sliced
Monterey Jack cheese or any white cheese you have on hand
Parmesan cheese


Bring a large salted pot of water to boil. Add rotini, cook until al dente. Dip a cup into your pasta water before draining and set aside.

Meanwhile, cook crumbled sausage in pan. Add broccolini and spinach and cook 5 minutes.


Toss your pasta with about half a cup of reserved pasta water, add shredded cheese and stir to melt. Sometimes I use Monterey Jack, sometimes I use 4-5 triangles Laughing Cow cheese as I always have those on hand. Mix in sausage and greens mixture, add roasted red peppers and juice from the jar. Stir well. If your pasta is a bit dry you can add more pasta water. Top with Parmesan cheese before serving. I make enough of this to feed my family dinner and lunch the next day. They seriously can’t get enough of it.

Serves 6 hungry folks (with leftovers for next day)

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